Any type of hair can be healthier and that is our goal.

Our hairdressing space is specialized in offering haircuts for men and women, taking care of the health of your hair from the outset, which is why we only use 100% natural products, thus always ensuring the best quality and optimal results.

The coloring we use is from the Secretos del Agua brand, without the need to use acids, silicones or petroleum derivatives, which will deeply nourish your hair.

Our renewal and continuous training lead us to offer you the latest techniques and hairdressing services such as:

  • Hairstyles: We recreate different looks: retro, urban, sophisticated and natural
  • Updos: Always with the latest trends and using techniques that ensure the best result (wedding updos, parties,…).
  • Haircut: For men (with razor or scissors) and for women. We offer you a haircut with a unique and personal technique, since we cut the hair with a machine, thus achieving more natural, more comfortable and easy-to-wear cuts, since when cutting in the direction in which the hair falls, when washing it It is perfectly located and much more natural.
  • Personalized haircuts: We observe your face, the cranial shape, your hair type, its texture and implantation. Then come the suggestions, always appropriate to your needs and tastes.
  • Secretos del Agua Aminoproteic Treatment: Anti-frizz, increases elasticity and strength, vitality, shine,…
  • Contrasts (Highlights): We use a depigmenting agent, much less aggressive for the hair and healthier.

At Mar Cabello we have our own work technique, making our cuts with a machine for women and men, thus achieving an exceptional finish as you deserve and advising you on the style that suits you best and that best suits you.

We offer a wide variety of techniques from cutting, through coloring, color bath, bicolor, nanoplasty treatments, ironing, waves, and a wide variety of up-dos.

Today is the day your hair asks for a change! Today is the day your hair asks for a change!